(or #Yuchuneffect in China)

People say a daughter is her father’s lover in his former life.

1. I’m on my 1st year of university. My major is Chinese literature. Today, during the literature theory class, the lecturer took a few pieces of work as examples (He usually takes influential pieces of work). He was talking for a while when suddenly he took ‘Rooftop Prince’ as an example! I was so excited… Although the lecturer was talking about how the story of the drama was unfolding, I was thinking deep inside “Don’t tell me he will talk about Yuchun? After all, he’s a middle-aged man….” But the lecturer looked at us and asked if we watched ‘Missing You’. He said that after he himself watched it, he watched ‘Rooftop Prince’ too. He also said he likes Park Yuchun very much because he looks so cool! So I don’t know why but…

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