Japanese Fans took this opportunity to show their best wishes for JYJ Comeback to Japan in The Annual Traditional “The Cherry Blossom Festival”  (Read moreHERE)

Hanami at Meguro River

Meguro River Cherry Blossoms

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(or #Yuchuneffect in China)

People say a daughter is her father’s lover in his former life.

1. I’m on my 1st year of university. My major is Chinese literature. Today, during the literature theory class, the lecturer took a few pieces of work as examples (He usually takes influential pieces of work). He was talking for a while when suddenly he took ‘Rooftop Prince’ as an example! I was so excited… Although the lecturer was talking about how the story of the drama was unfolding, I was thinking deep inside “Don’t tell me he will talk about Yuchun? After all, he’s a middle-aged man….” But the lecturer looked at us and asked if we watched ‘Missing You’. He said that after he himself watched it, he watched ‘Rooftop Prince’ too. He also said he likes Park Yuchun very much because he looks so cool! So I don’t know why but…

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(or #Yuchuneffect in Korea)

In English class, we were talking about something when we fell on the topic of the celebrities we have seen as the main subject. My teacher told us about that celebrity she has seen but she doesn’t know his name so she started to explain to us: “You know, that male celebrity who is very popular, handsome and ancient-looking; that boy who is an actor and looks like a nobleman…”

So everyone said: “Park Yuchun?” “Is it/could it be Park Yuchun?” They were all like that lol

Source: 뎅쟝 (DC JYJ Gall)
Translated by: Sheena(@parksheena6004)
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[NEWS] JYJ′s Kim Junsu′s Animal Documentary Draws High Ratings

Kim Junsu′s voice alone managed to bring high ratings to a late-night documentary.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the MBC documentary The Zoo is Alive, which aired on March 25, managed to garner national viewership ratings of 4.7 percent.

The numbers are 1 point higher than last week′s documentary Uncomfortable Fifth Year of Youth College and 1.6 point higher than the pilot variety I Am Your Substitute Angel that aired the week before.

The number is especially staggering considering how the show was put up against such issue-making shows as SBS′ Healing Camp, which featured the controversial Sul Kyung Gu, and KBS2′s Hello.

While the ending credits rolled, scenes from Kim Junsu′s recording for the documentary and an interview were aired.

“I brought up my courage for the show because it was a documentary on animals,” he said.

Viewers commented, “I liked his voice,” “I hope there′s another episode coming” and “It was great to see Kim Junsu on MBC for the first time in a long while.”

Photo credit: MBC
Credit: enewsworld, JYJ3

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